Websites. I make them.

And they're responsive too, which means they adapt to whatever they're being viewed on. There's no alternate mobile site - desktop, laptop, tablet, phablet, mobile - It just looks good on everything. Re-size your browser window, see what happens.

I can build from scratch using pure html, css & jquery. These site tend to be super-slimline taking very little time to load.** OR - I can build your very own custom themed wordpress website, allowing you to control the content yourself.

Bespoke, original designs. See for yourself...

For anyone who's interested, I build my sites using an awesome text editor called Sublime Text. HTML5, CSS3 & JQuery make up the code, & the responsive framework is built on Skeleton. If you're looking for web Icons, I use IcoMoon, & I get loads of help & ideas for projects from Codrops & Stack Overflow. And let's not forget the bible that is W3schools.

**connection dependent, obviously. If you live out in the sticks like me, you know all about intermittent internet connections. I feel your pain.

Audio Production that doesn't cost mega bucks.

If you're looking for a recording for your band, or even a simple voice-over, or anything in between - then get in touch.
It's a mobile set-up if needs be, so I can bring the studio to you, or wherever you want to record. Live music, demos or conference recordings, corporate videos - anything you can think of really!

Here's an example of my own music (which is available to buy on iTunes by the way..)


Here's a little thing that I made at home. That's me singing. I recorded the audio in Reason, used my phone to record the videos and stiched it all together in Adobe Premiere Pro. Simples.
Want to make a video or recording like this? Get in touch!

Hello. Get a cup of tea & I'll tell you a bit about myself.

My name is Ben White. I am a freelance Web Designer & Audio Technician. I used to work full-time for the chaps over at Reece Productions, who are very nice indeed (I still do lots of work for them). I studied Sound Design Technology at the University of Hertfordshire & I also write & make my own music (see the audio production section!).

I built my first ever website for my band Supertonic when I was 14 - using microsoft word! - I then started getting into flash & coding, and have carried on ever since.

I'm now 29, live in rural essex & play football for Tollesbury F.C. & Plume Academicals. My lovely girlfriend Sophie is starting up a business called 'The Crafty Moose', which sells lots of lovely home-made 'shabby-chic' bits and bobs. You should check it out, if you're into that kind of thing.

(If you're wondering about the 'Moose' theme - we have a cat. It's called Moose.)

Talk to me!

Email ben@thedigital
and i'll get back to you ASAP!

Be sure to leave your name & phone number (I much prefer to talk on the phone) and outline what kind of thing you're after.