Simple 1 page website – PBS

Simple 1 page website – PBS

Another very simple website for Practical Bookkeeping Services to add to the growing list of TDM Projects.

1 page website

Single page websites are very popular these days, preventing the need to split your content up onto different pages. It’s usually the way to go if you haven’t got an enormous amount of content, as is the case here with PBS.

The usual stuff…

As per usual, the website is fully responsive for all devices, and looks great on desktop, mobile and everything in between. A small icon set is included, as well as a whole set of Favicons and touch icons. If you bookmark the site, or save it to your homepage on your mobile device for example, you will get a custom icon featuring the PBS logo. Little features like this come as standard in all my web projects.

Please do get in touch if you’re looking for something like this.