Website Design – Matt Ball Camera

Website Design – Matt Ball Camera

Matt Ball is a freelance camera man, videographer and photographer.

He needed a website to showcase his talents. Somewhere he could send people if they wanted to see more of his work, and somewhere people could find him online to get in touch.

The Design

Being involved with cinematography, it was important to that the website looked really super cool. For this reason, I went with a darker theme, with an electric blue for the highlights. There’s not a lot of text on the site, so that made it easy to feature some full screen photos.

Under the ‘Stills’ section, there’s a nice looking responsive gallery, with a filter bar at the top.

The navigation is one of my favourite parts of this site, the fly out menu is the same on desktop and mobile devices and just looks awesome.

The Showreel

The main aim of the site is to show off Matt’s showreel (edited by me!). This was embedded via Vimeo, who make it really easy to embed your videos onto your website.


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