Business Card Design

I LOVE a good business card! (Really, I do.) They can be simple, with nothing on apart from your name. Or complex with various logos, fonts headings and as much information you can cram in as possible. Colourful, monochrome or a mixture on either side – so much work can go into your business card design, but it’s very easy to over think it.

Less is more…

…In my humble opinion. I tend to stick to a logo on the front, and the bare minimum of information on the back. Or vice versa, whichever way you want to look at it.

I find the key information you need on there is:

  • Name (duh)
  • Logo
  • Web address
  • Email Address

And even that is debatable. You could go mysterious and just have a web address and drive visitors to your website. And you may not even have a logo – it may just be your own name, in which case you’re sorted.

Double sided. Yes.

Fairly recently I re-made my own business cards, and I love seeing the reaction when I hand them out. I wouldn’t say they’re spectacular, but they are a nice thing to hold, feel and look at. I especially like the material they’re made from – recycled t-shirt material – from It makes me feel a bit better knowing it’s recycled material, and to be honest I like the finish better than anything else anyway!

With Moo, there’s also this really cool feature called ‘printfinity’, where you can have up to 50 designs on one side on the same print run. Which is awesome. I went for 8 different designs on mine, and I let people choose their favourite!

Want some?

I’ve designed business cards for various clients now, and it’s one of my favourite jobs to do. So if you’re looking to have some made, get in touch!

About the Author:

My name is Ben White. I am a freelance Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Audio Technician, and Video Editor. I studied Sound Design Technology at the University of Hertfordshire & I also write & make my own music (but you know all this already don’t you?)