Icons – it’s the small touches

Icons. See what I did there? Pah, you laughed on the inside.

Here at The Digital Moose, I like to pay attention to all the little extra details that finish off a website. Ever been on a site that has no icon in the tab at the top of the address bar? Annoying isn’t it? No? Just me then.

That particular instance of the icon is called the ‘Favicon’. But with all the devices out there now, there’s lots and lots you have to add to your site.

In decorating terms, imagine it as if the design of the website is like getting a nice smooth finish of paint on the walls. The icons and all the other little extras are the ‘cutting in’ on the woodwork. Pro.

The icons on your homescreen

I like to save shortcuts to all The Digital Moose websites in a folder on my phone’s home screen. Partly for convenience, but mainly because I like to see them all there nestled together.

Using an iPhone, the icon being served up is called the ‘apple touch icon’, but there are also specific versions for Android, Windows, MacOS and so on and so on.

My favourite icon i’ve designed is the Anypower logo. Looks smashing on screen and you can see it in the images above. White backgrounds work well, yellow lightning bolt, blue and red. Lovely old job.

The Favicon Generator

If you need the whole set for your site, you can go to the awesome site: realfavicongenerator.net which will generate all the necessary sizes and code – as well as instructions on how and where to put them! Very handy.

The finishing touches

If you’re thinking about a new web site, or a touch up of your existing one – with all the finishing touches – give me a shout!

About the Author:

My name is Ben White. I am a freelance Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Audio Technician, and Video Editor. I studied Sound Design Technology at the University of Hertfordshire & I also write & make my own music (but you know all this already don’t you?)